Utox-Buff Titanium Dioxide

Description : Utox is a pigment with 89-92% Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) content. It is pale yellow in color and odorless. Utox is manufactured by recovering the fine particles of Titanium Dioxide from the liquor blown down during the leaching process of Ilmenite.

Appearance : Buff Coloured Powder Bulk Density : 0.9 gm/cc Average Particle size : 1 micron Water Solubility : 1 % Specific gravity:3.65 – 3.80 Chemical Resistance : To Acid

Applications/Uses : Utox is mainly used in industrial paints and power coatings. Paint Industry in all shades except pure white and a few bright shades.

Packing : : 25 KG BAG

Minimum Quantity : 500 KGS