Synthetic Pigment - Yellow

Description : Synthetic Yellow Iron Oxide (Fe203H2O), also known as Hydrated Ferric Oxide, is a yellow odourless powder and insoluble in water. It is manufactured by the precipitation process using leach liquor - a waste from Ilmenite production.

Appearance : Yellow powder, Odorless' Solubility : Insoluble in water Flash Point : Not flammable Specific Gravity : (H20 = 1) : 4 – 4.15 Stability : Stable

Applications/Uses : Yellow Iron Oxide is used primarily as a pigment. In Paint and colouring of cement (coloured concrete). The building materials industry is the biggest user of Iron Oxide Pigments, because of their good dispersibility and good tinting strength. It’s uses include colouring concrete, mortar, Paving Blocks, Chequered Tiles, Designer Tiles, Stamped Concrete etc.

Packing : In 20 kg laminated HDPE bags with inner liner inside

Minimum Quantity : 500 KGS