Sodium Nitrate

Description : Sodium nitrate is the chemical compound with the formula NaNO

This alkali metal nitrate salt is also known as Chile saltpeter (large deposits of which were historically mined in Chile)[2][3] to distinguish it from ordinary saltpeter, potassium nitrate. . The mineral form is also known as nitratine, nitratite or soda niter.

Sodium nitrate is a white solid very soluble in water. It is a readily available source of the nitrate anion (NO3−), which is useful in several reactions carried out on industrial scales for the production of fertilizers, pyrotechnics and smoke bombs, glass and pottery enamels, food preservatives (esp. meats), and solid rocket propellant. It has been mined extensively for these purposes.

Sodium nitrate is the inorganic nitrate salt of sodium. It has a role as a fertilizer. It is an inorganic sodium salt and an inorganic nitrate salt.

From ChEBI
Sodium nitrate appears as a white crystalline solid. Noncombustible but accelerates the burning of combustible materials. If large quantities are involved in fire or the combustible material is finely divided an explosion may result. May explode under prolonged exposure to heat or fire. Toxic oxides of nitrogen are produced in fires. Used in solid propellants, explosives, fertilizers, and for many other uses.

Applications/Uses : Hobbyist gold refiners use sodium nitrate to make a hybrid aqua regia that dissolves gold and other metals. Sodium nitrate is used together with potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate for heat storage and, more recently, for heat transfer in solar power plants. A mixture of sodium nitrate, calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate is used as energy-storage material in prototype plants, such as And also Solar Power Station and the Archimedes project. It is also used in the wastewater industry for facultative microorganism respiration. Nitrosomonas, a genus of microorganisms, consumes nitrate in preference to oxygen, enabling it to grow more rapidly in the wastewater to be treated. Sodium nitrate is also sometimes used by marine aquarists who utilize carbon-dosing techniques. It is used to increase nitrate levels in the water and promote bacterial growth.

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